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  • Prof. Humayun Ihsan

Prof. Humayun Ihsan

Professor Humayoun Ihsan has been associated with teaching, researching and legal practice for the past 30 years. After acquiring his education from the University of Punjab, he went on to study at the University of California, Berkeley for his graduate study in International Relations and to Washington College of Law for his LL.M., where he received highest merit certificate upon graduation. He further distinguished himself by being forwarded to the PhD candidacy with honors at the School of International Service, The American University, Washington D.C

He has the honour of lecturing at several prestigious institutions in Pakistan such as the Civil Service Academy, Staff College, Federal Judicial Academy, Engineering Academy, Human Resources Development Centre, Pakistan Navy War College, and National Defence College amongst many others. Professor Ihsan has also participated and read papers at many national and International seminars and conferences such as the most distinguished Einstein Forum in Germany, Forum of Federation Canada, Salzburg Seminar Austria, Forum of Family, U.S.A, GAJE, Poland. Besides USA, U.K., Germany, Austria, Poland India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka he has been invited to many other countries. His most visits and stay has been in the United States. In the U.K he has been invited by Oxford, Cambridge, London University’s SOAS, LSE, Nottingham, Sheffield, New Castle, East Anglea, Glasgow Strethclyde, Buckingham, and Edinburgh. Currently Prof. Ihsan has taken up an important assignment with Federal Govt.

Previously, he taught at Punjab University Law College, PCBA, QLC; and has headed Punjab Law College for a number of years. He has served on many different committees in the country and abroad. He has keen interests in soccer, music, poetry and philosophy.