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Nazir has a vast experience of 35 years, serving with government, private sector and non-governmental organizations in Pakistan and abroad. Nazir has worked in capacity of Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Managing Director and Director/Manager and other capacities in main stream government departments and public & private sector organizations. From time to time he has been entrusted with the responsibility for leading development and execution of the long term strategy of these organizations with a view to lead the way creating shareholder value and adapt to futuristic ideas. The organizations he serve currently, create peace of mind by helping navigate through everyday life scenario and challenges faced by marginalized community specifically in the areas of education and micro-financing.

Nazir believes that organizations which invest wisely in people and nurturing them provide a stable platform for future growth to these citizens. Thus the outcome is an educated and satisfied workforce that contributes positively in national development, increased productivity and economic performance. Akhuwat and Kiran Foundation are working examples of this philosophy. Here, we have developed a system that works and contributes in the social system and empowers the marginalized community. Following are the organizations Nazir have been engaged with since 1985.

  • Government of Pakistan
  • Government of Sindh
  • Henny’s Private Limited (Supply Chain and Food Distributor and Retailer)
  • Block By Block ( Construction, Land Development and Holding)
  • Mir Sourcing, Inc. (Property Management & Real Estate)
  • Akhuwat, Director (NGO – Interest Free Micro-Financing)
  • Kiran Foundation, Director (NGO–Out-of-Box Holistic Educational Paradigm)

Nazir has Masters in Business Administration for Austin, Texas, USA and bachelor degrees in Arts and Law from University of Sindh. Being selected in CSS batch of 1985, he has served Government of Pakistan and Government of Sindh in different capacities and positions and acquired a vast experience of knowing the functions, responsibilities and dealing with the government departments. In all the different positions he has served the most importantly responsibility, nazir thinks is to abide by specific internally established control systems and authorities, to lead by personal example and encourage all employees to conduct their activities in accordance with all applicable laws and the organization’s standards and policies, including its public, environmental, safety and health policies. The leadership role he assumes he accomplish it through being ultimately responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the Organization’s long and short term plans, that direct the entity towards growth and prosperity.

Nazir Ahmed Tunio.
Director (Akhuwat & Kiran Foundation)
Contact: #23-2, Street-16, DHA-5, Karachi 75500, Pakistan.

Cell +92.333.2008100 ∙∙