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Keynote Speech on “Access to Finance of SMEs” at 2nd SME Conference

The 2nd SME Conference was organized by SMEDA in collaboration with The University of Management & Technology on 15th and 16th March 2017. It provided a unique opportunity for information sharing and identification of international best practices. The conference provided a platform for more than 600 stakeholders and participants to share their experience and identify areas for improvement.
The closing keynote panel presented on the topic of “Access to Finance of SMEs”. The panelists for the conference constituted of dignitaries and officials from SMEDA, UMT, Akhuwat, State Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan Stock Exchange and ORIX leasing. All panelists shared their views and gave recommendations for enhancing access to finance for SMEs.
Mr. Syed Hussain Haider, Chief Strategy Officer AES presented the Akhuwat model and gave a detailed presentation on the growth and experience of Akhuwat and importance of Micro Enterprises. He stressed the need for re-establishing the definition of SMEs to include micro-enterprises and support micro entrepreneurs in the country.