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Akhuwat Library at CGA Foundation, Bahar Colony

Akhuwat Leadership & Fellowship cohort 3, 2016 interns developed a Library and knowledge room as there final project for 24 special persons at CGA Foundation, Bahar Colony, Model Town, Lahore

The inauguration ceremony held on 8th December, 2016 at CGA Foundation was attended by Director AISEM; Syed Hussain Haider, Mr Aleem Emmanuel (Projects Monitor, Akhuwat), interns and team of AISEM, BOD of CGA Foundation

The school faculty, staff which included Ms. Nazia Naseem (General Secretary CGA Foundation), Pastor Iqbal, Mr. Barkat Naseem, Ms. Asmat Pervez and students gave a hearty welcome to and the entire Akhuwat team!

Akhuwat fellows shared their experiences regarding the activities partaken in the process and expressed their gratitude to Almighty Allah for sensitizing them towards the poor and destitute: towards their lives and their circumstances, and to their dreams that are bigger than our dreams.

The Akhuwat fellows said they were delighted to have had this noble opportunity and asserted that it has been the most fulfilling experience of their lives. The event was emotionally charged and a small, collective performance by CGA students was the highlight of the event!