Akhuwat Cloth Bank

Akhuwat Cloth Bank

The Akhuwat Cloth Bank is an extension of Akhuwat Financial Services and benefits from the same model and philosophy which is applied in the financial services. The only difference is that the clothes are collected from the well-to-do families, they are repaired, they are washed / dry cleaned and then they are packed. The packed cloth is then given as a gift to the needy individual. Akhuwat envisages to collect and, disburse on average over 10,000 pieces of cloth to the under privileged community every month. This project primarily recruits transgender individuals , promoting dignified employment for this discriminated segment of society.

Empowering Trans-genders

Another important aspect of Akhuwat Clothes Bank is the engagement of trans-genders in the processing of clothes collected from the donors. Clothes collected from the donors are sorted, repaired, stitched and packed by the trans-genders employed at the organization. Akhuwat Clothes Bank employs trans-genders and provides them an opportunity to earn a decent livelihood.

Akhuwat Clothes Bank Gift Shop

Akhuwat Clothes Bank Gift Shop was inaugurated on the first anniversary of Akhuwat Clothes Bank. Any deserving individual can walk in the Gift shop located at Akhuwat’s Head Office to get clothes, free of cost. Wedding/formal clothing is also available without any rent.

Collection/Distribution Process

The existing branch network of Akhuwat helps us in identifying the needy families, through their database of borrowers. Efforts are made to distribute clothes in the poorest areas of Pakistan, including, Southern Punjab, Interior Sindh, Gilgit Baltistan and Balochistan.

For Collection, clothes can be dropped off at any Akhuwat branch. Clothes collected at the branches are sent to Akhuwat Head Office in Lahore for processing.