Akhuwat derives its name from 'mwakhaat' or brotherhood, the earliest example of which was seen in the fraternity formed by the Ansars (citizens of Medina) and the Muhajireen (or Meccans) who had migrated to Medina to escape religious persecution. Inspired by the spirit which induced the Medinites to share half of their wealth with the migrants, Akhuwat seeks to invoke this very concept of brotherhood through its operations. For Akhuwat, the metaphor of brotherhood entails the creation of a system based on mutual support in society. To this end microfinance is only one of the tools, albeit a powerful one, being employed by Akhuwat.  

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Akhuwat Institute of Social Enterprise and Management (AISEM) is a part of Akhuwat, established with the objective to promote Education, Community Service, Leadership and Capacity Building. AISEM promotes best practices in the social sector, provides mentoring services, coaching, enterprise development, aids Capacity Building and Corporate Social Responsibility of organizations through research, consultancy and training.

The institute is housed in a purpose built campus of over 22,000 square feet. It is a multi-level building with two customized training rooms, syndicate rooms, and complimentary support offices. The second building of the compound is a residential facility which can easily cater to the boarding and lodging requirements of up to 30 participants. It is complemented with a separate dining and lounge area with all types of amenities and recreational options.